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Constructive Organic Chemistry

Department of Chemistry, School of Science, Kyushu University

(Department of Molecular Chemistry, Graduate School of Science, Kyushu University)

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Yoshio N. Ito, Ph. D.

Associate Professor of Chemistry

Graduate School of Science,

Kyushu University

744 Motooka, Nishi-ku
Fukuoka, 819-0395, Japan
Phone +81-92-802-4142
yito a chem.kyushu-univ.jp

Curriculum vitae

B.S., Kyushu University, 1980
Ph.D., Kyushu University, 1985
Researcher, Sagami Chemical Research Center, 1985-1989

Research Associate, Kyushu University, 1989-1991
Associate Professor, Kyushu University, 1991-present

Visiting Professor at ETH, Zurich, 1993-1994.

Introduction of the laboratory:
Prof. Dr. Yoshio Ito started his laboratory on October 2002 as one of the research groups in Constructive Organic Chemistry, Department of Chemistry.
The research environment: We have various instruments such as NMR, LC, UV for routine structure analyses. If we need to use further instruments, we will ask to the Analytical Center at Ito campus.

The research interest: Development of novel stereoselective reactions for organic synthesis.


Study on stereoselective reactions using heterocyclic compounds.

Reagent controlled stereoselective aziridination of a,b-unsaturated amides using diaziridine. >>> abstract (Japanese)

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  2. H. Ishihara, Y. N. Ito, T. Katsuki, Chem. Lett., 984-985, (2001).
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Development of novel catalysts for asymmetric reaction.

 We have disclosed that the conformation of (salen)metal complexes is very important to achieve asymmetric induction. Basing on the findings, we are planning to develope novel complex catalyst for asymmetric reactions.

References: Y. N. Ito and T.. Katsuki, Tetrahedron Lett., 39, 4325-4328 (1998). T. Hashihayata, Y. N. Ito, and T. Katsuki, Tetrahedron 53 (28), 9541-9552 (1997).


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