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Biological membranes are not just barriers that separate insides and outsides of cells, but also play multiple biological functions such as signal transduction and viral infection. Together with the fact that large parts of recently developed drugs target membrane proteins, it is getting increasingly more important to analyze membrane systems that include lipid bilayers themselves and membrane proteins. However, since biological membranes are composed of various kinds of weakly interacting lipids, proteins, and sugar chains, it is said that membrane is one of the most difficult research targets in life science fields.
 Because membrane analysis becomes more difficult with the increasing complexity as it goes from simple artificial model membranes to complicated biological membranes, a particular analytical method that can be applied to model membranes is not always applicable to biological membranes. In addition, observations of membrane systems need to encompass time and space domains ranging from nanosecond and angstrom to millisecond and micrometer, which further make it almost impossible to rely just on a single particular analytical method. In this context, we are aiming to construct “integrated analytical platform for membranes”, which contains various kinds of analytical methods, being based on the effective chemical synthesis of necessary chemical probes. This platform is expected to give us deeper understandings not only for biological membranes themselves but also about the mode of action of membrane-associated drugs and pathogenic mechanism of membrane-related diseases.


 現在進行中の研究テーマ(Ongoing projects)
  • 表面プラズモン共鳴をベースとした膜タンパク質-脂質相互作用定量化法の開発
    Development of SPR-based quantitative methodology for membrane protein – lipid interaction.

    Keywords; 表面プラズモン共鳴/膜タンパク質/脂質分子の特異的相互作用
  • 脂質膜中における膜作用性海洋天然物アンフィジノール3とステロールの相互作用
    Interaction between Sterols and Amphidinol 3, a membrane-active marine natural product in lipid membranes.

    Keywords; 表面プラズモン共鳴/天然化合物/FRET
  • 局所麻酔薬を用いた脂質ラフトの阻害
    Disruption of the lipid rafts by exogenous addition of local anesthetic molecules.

    Keywords; 蛍光顕微鏡観察/分光測定/放射光X線散乱/生体膜
  • 全身麻酔薬が脂質膜の構造や物性に及ぼす影響
    Effect of general anesthetics on the physico-chemical properties of membrane.

    Keywords; NMR/分光測定/DSC熱測定
  • 脂質膜内における極長鎖(DHA)スフィンゴミエリンの分布と挙動
    Partition and dynamic behavior of DHA-sphingomyelin.

    Keywords; 蛍光脂質合成/蛍光顕微鏡観察/人工相分離膜
  • スフィンゴミエリンの炭素鎖長がラフト形成に及ぼす影響
    Influence of chain length of sphingomyelin on the phase separation in membrane.

    Keywords; 蛍光脂質合成/蛍光顕微鏡観察/蛍光相関分光法
  • 磁性ビーズを用いた脂質に特異的結合するタンパク質のスクリーニング
    Screening of membrane protein-specific lipids.

    Keywords; 脂質合成/磁性ビーズに対する脂質の結合/電気泳動
  • 脂質ラフトに対する膜タンパク質複合体の配向挙動解析
    Partitioning of conjugated membrane proteins into raft domain.

    Keywords; 膜タンパク質/蛍光顕微鏡観察/FRET
  • 脂質様錯体が形成する膜ドメインの構造と安定性
    The formation of raft-like domains by lipophilic complex.

    Keywords; 蛍光顕微鏡観察/DSC熱測定/人工細胞膜
  • 膜の非対称性が相挙動に及ぼす影響
    Structures and phase behavior of the asymmetric liposomes.

    Keywords; 蛍光顕微鏡法/蛍光相関分光法/DSC熱測定/人工細胞膜
  • 電子線ナノ散乱法を用いた局所的脂質構造の解明
    Low-flux nano-electron-diffraction reveals local structures of lipid membranes.

    Keywords; 電子顕微鏡/蛍光顕微鏡観察/Langmuir-Blodgett膜/人工細胞膜
  • 蛍光共鳴エネルギー移動(FRET)を用いた脂質相互作用の評価
    Evaluation of inter-lipid interaction by fluorescent energy transfer.

    Keywords; 蛍光顕微鏡観察/分光測定/蛍光脂質の合成/生体膜


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