About us

Our group struggles to find and design brand-new organic transformations including unexplored selective reactions.  Toward the goal, transition-metal complexes are mainly employed as the catalysts.

Finding a novel organic transformation may stimulate development of advanced materials and innovative medicines, because the reaction allow us to access unknown and unobtainable compounds and structural motives.  Furthermore, the reactions may facilitate the rapid construction of compound libraries containing a series of chemical substances, which are used as the samples for developing new materials or drugs. From the above viewpoint, we are studying on synthetic organic chemistry with organometallic and other catalyses. We hope to develop epoch-making organic reactions and contribute the progress of medicinal and material sciences. We dream that our reactions will be frequently used by many researchers and manufacturers for their projects and businesses.



Ryoichi Kuwano, Professor

Ryoichi Kuwano was born in Nagoya in 1969. He received his Master’s degree in 1994 and Ph. D. in 1998 from Kyoto University (Japan) under the direction of Professor Masaya Sawamura and Professor Yoshihiko Ito. 

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Current Members

Principal Investigator

Ryoichi Kuwano, Professor

Doctor Course Students

Won Sungyong
Qi Weixin
Zhang Ao

Master Course Students

Matsumura Ayafumi
Lee Eunhyung
Lin Yuming


Riku Kudo

Research Students


Yoko Kaneko

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